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ah, I see. will we be able to just use the lame_enc.dll from 5.666 for a good while? meaning, keep that around for upgrades or new installs? will it work, or still be pro restricted?

maybe I don't understand how ver checks work, but couldn't the DSP install routine just check the local copies vers' vs a txt file on a server somewhere saying what the newest vers are?

it would be a nice feature, so that the user could see if their winamp, dsp, or lame_enc was out of date. or, if that's too much hassle, how about a link in the routine to those items and some text saying something like "use the link to make sure you are running the latest ver" or something like that?

(I understand that for lame_enc this might not be at all possible)

I'm just thinking along the lines of the already existing winamp check for updates tho, and reducing false bug claims.

just seeing your edits now

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