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Ok I'll start messing with graphics.

Ok I'll start messing with the graphics, give me a bit of time becuase I have like 7 skins I am working on. Whoever decides to code this, will get a zip file of all the graphics in .png format which is how it has to be in the end anyway. They'll be fairly easy to figure out what they are. I tend to name the graphics in such a was that a monkey could figure out what they are for within a few seconds. I like my file names to be descriptive. Hrm, now I gotta go look for some shots of the stargate itself. Oh one other thing, I'm thinking a stargate like that in the movie instead of the series, what do y'all think? There are some big differences, but I think the movie one would look better, it's more detailed and looks more feasable, cooler, and realistic. The series stargate is well um bland in my opinion.


P.S. What size?

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