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asynchronous entity

Dominator is a Winamp 3 skin with interesting animations. When you try to use it in recent versions of Winamp, Winamp will throw up the following error message and then crash:
asynchronous entity at line 344
How to fix it?

Asynchronous entity errors occur when a tag is not closed in an xml file. Line 344 tells us that Winamp tried to find the closing tag until line 344 and then gave it up. So we should look for an xml file with 344 lines.

Dominator's studio-elements.xml has exactly 344 lines so the unclosed tag should be in that file.

Short explanation. With respect to how you close them, there are two types of tags. Enclosing tags have an opening tag and a closing tag. An opening tag looks like this:
PHP Code:
and a closing tag looks like this:
PHP Code:
The other type of tags is self-closing tags. Self-closing tags have a slash before the final greater-than sign. "Include" tags are self-closing:
PHP Code:
<include file="whatever.xml"/> 
The unclosed tag will be easy to find in Dominator's studio-xml because its very first line contains an include tag that does not have a slash before the greater-than sign. So all you need to do is add the missing slash like this:
PHP Code:
<include file="tooltips.xml"/> 
Adding the missing slash will fix the asynchronous entity error and there will be no more crashes.

Check out this topic for another skin in which the closing member was missing of an enclosing tag.
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