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Play/Pause button

Once you have fixed the asynchronous entity error for Dominator, you will run into another bug: the Play/Pause button will not start playback at startup.

Background info: Skins that have a single Play/Pause button (rather than two separate buttons) toggle Play and Pause with the help of a maki script. The problem is that the old play2pause.maki, which used to work well with Winamp 3, does not work well with recent versions of Winamp.

How to fix it?

Copy pjn123's sc_PlayPause.maki into the skin's scripts directory and replace this line in the xml file that contains it (player-normal-group.xml in Dominator):
PHP Code:
<script id="play2pause" file="scripts/play2pause.maki"/> 
with this one:
PHP Code:
<script file="scripts/sc_PlayPause.maki" param="Play;Pause"/> 
You should also put sc_PlayPause.m into the skin's script directory to
  • help others learn how the script was written and
  • give credit to pjn123
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