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Playlist Editor colors

Buroid is a Winamp 3 skin that does have its own text and background colors for the Playlist Editor but uses the colors of the Winamp 3 default skin. When you load it into Winamp 5, most of the colors will be all right but not all of them. If you select the currently played song in the Playlist Editor, you will be hardly able to read what is because Winamp 5 will show it with grey text on a grey background.

Background info. Winamp 3 defines the color of selected list items with wasabi.list.item.selected (or studio.list.item.selected in earlier alpha and beta versions), while Winamp 5 expects wasabi.list.text.selected, which it does not find. Winamp 3 marks the currently played track with a rectangle around it, while Winamp 5 marks it with a different color.

How to fix it?

Copy the following text into a text editor and save it as system-colors.xml into Buroid's xml directory:

PHP Code:

color id="wasabi.list.text.current" value="255,255,255" gammagroup="Text"/>
from wasabi.list.item.selected.fg -->

color id="wasabi.list.text.selected" value="255,255,255" gammagroup="Text"/>
from wasabi.list.item.selected.fg -->

color id="wasabi.list.text.selected.background" value="0,0,128" gammagroup="Text Backgrounds"/>
from wasabi.list.item.selected -->

Winamp will only load system-colors.xml if you add the following line before the other include tags in skin.xml:
PHP Code:
<include file="xml/system-colors.xml"/> 
If you experience similar issues with a skin that has its own system-colors.xml then add the missing color definitions to it. Make sure that you copy the values from the skin's own wasabi.list.item.selected.fg and wasabi.list.item.selected color definitions.
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