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Right-click menu: own colors

While adding the correct wasabi.window.background and wasabi.window.text color definitions will automatically fix the right-click menu, too, you may also specify colors for the right-click menu independently of the wasabi.window.background and wasabi.window.text color definitions.

First of all, raise the version number of WinampAbstractionLayer to 1.3 in skin.xml if you have not done so, yet:

PHP Code:
<WinampAbstractionLayer version="1.3"
With the following color definitions added to SystemColors.xml, the colors of your right-click menu will be almost the same as the colors of the right-click menu of the Winamp 3 default skin:

PHP Code:
<color id="wasabi.popupmenu.background" value="246,246,246" gammagroup="Menus"/>
color id="wasabi.popupmenu.background.selected" value="0,0,255" gammagroup="Menus"/>
color id="wasabi.popupmenu.text" value="0,0,0" gammagroup="Text"/>
color id="wasabi.popupmenu.text.selected" value="255,255,255" gammagroup="Text"/>
color id="wasabi.popupmenu.text.inactive" value="64,64,64" gammagroup="Text"/>
color id="wasabi.popupmenu.frame" value="60,69,79" gammagroup="Menus"/>
color id="wasabi.popupmenu.separator" value="171,171,171" gammagroup="Menus"/> 
The "almost" is there because the color of wasabi.popupmenu.background.selected is 50% transparent, which means that over a "246,246,246" background, you will see it "123,123,250".
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