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Pink on pink in the Color Themes window

RazorEdge is an old skin with a Color Themes window. If you load it into a recent version of Winamp then the name of the current color theme will be written in pink text on a pink background. See the top-left screenshot in pink-on-pink.png.

Painting parts of a skin pink is a color-coded error message complaining about missing definitions of elements. In this case, the undefined elements are colors.

How to fix it?

Step 1

Adding the color definitions in post #14 will fix both the text color and the background color. See the top-right screenshot in pink-on-pink.png.

But all is not fixed yet. There is still a thin pink vertical line in the Theme header. It says that the color of the bottom and right borders of header buttons is not defined. See an enlarged image of a header button from the Media Library where the bottom and right borders are marked in red.

Step 2

So take a screenshot of the Media Library and pick the color of the bottom and right borders of a header button. RazorEdge uses the default colors for header borders, so the color you will pick will be a dark grey color, "32,32,32".

Now that you know the color, you can add its definition to SystemColors.xml:

PHP Code:
<color id="wasabi.list.column.frame.bottom" value="32,32,32"/> 
See the result in the third screenshot in pink-on-pink.png. The thin pink vertical line is now a thin dark grey vertical line. You could make it the same color as the rest of the Theme header but that would break the header borders in the Media Library.

A better Step 2

There is an even better fix, though. Just hide the Theme header. Open the xml file that defines the Color Themes window (colors.xml in RazorEdge) and add nocolheader="1" to the ColorThemes:list tag like this:

PHP Code:
<ColorThemes:list id="main.colourthemes.list" x="18" y="27"
w="274" h="125" nocolheader="1" /> 
See the fix in the fourth screenshot in pink-on-pink.png.
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