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Winamp plays and streams fine but periodically freezes

I am new to setting up stream this way.
My server OS is Windows Server 2016 Standard, I have installed the latest Winamp and also Source DSP and entered the relevent details to enable a stream from a url stream to my shoutcast server which plays our radio feed on our website.

All is fine when im remotely connected to my server, the sound bars flicker and the a successful connection can be seen in the Summary (DSP).

However, at least 2-4 times a day, the stream seems to freeze and a physical logging in to stop and start the play button on winamp solves the problem. However this is very annoying and means someone always has to keep and ear out to listen when the stream freezes.

Can somebody please advise or point me into to right direction as to how to resolve this?

Do I need to set up a Shoutcast DNAS Server for seamless streaming?

Many Thanks
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