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Well all I can say, is try to get used to it.

This behavior is not going to change anytime soon. Changing from a modern to a classic skin may help (many choices on the main site and elsewhere).

The issue was discussed a few weeks ago in the thread linked below. Posts #37 through 41 and 51 and 52 (bottom part of page 1 & top part of 2). That Winamp user succeeded in possibly lengthening the time those concerned with this issue will have to live with it.

Off Topic Warning:
Did you ever find out what was causing the excessive CPU usage you posted about last year? If you did, it would be big of you to go back and add the resolution to that thread. Logged in or not, click on your forum name and then look on the "Statistics" tab of your profile page for a quick way back to every forum post you've ever made.

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