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Hi sloweddi,

Did you read the posts in the other thread, I provided the link to, that explained the change?

Seriously, what is the big deal? With so many folders, you will need to do some scrolling anyway. Is it really such a huge handicap not automatically seeing the last folder that was used, as a starting point? One quick click & drag and you are there.

It appears you need to learn how to use scroll bars and develop more efficient scrolling methods. That last statement is not meant as a put down. Navigating windows is basic to efficient use of the operating system and all Windows programs.

The ability to make a window wider and/or longer is a useful improvement. It is much more aggravating scrolling within the cramped space of fixed size dialogs (when you may need to move left and right and up and down and the contents of the window may be truncated to fit in the limited space).

So sad, you're willing to give up Winamp over this. Good luck with your new app.

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