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What release version are you using ?

The general reason is either antivirus / security software preventing Winamp from closing properly / quickly enough which on windows shutdowns can cause it to not save everything correctly and so data loss / corruption can happen.

Can also be if using an older Winamp release and there's bugs which cause the database to corrupt if there are memory allocation issues. As work was done with v5.64 / 5.65 to resolve such issues (hence asking what version is being used).

And then other software on windows or 3rd party plug-ins not behaving properly can lead to settings getting corrupted if doing things that mess up how Winamp tries to do things.

Other than being on a current Winamp release, that any 3rd party plug-ins are compatible with the version and OS being used and that Winamp is allowed to close fully if running before shutting down windows.
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