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Winamp 5.62 - won't play or properly create playlists (.M3U/.M3U8)

I have been using Winamp for some time now and upon upgrading to 5.62, I found out that it now won't play or properly create (don't know which) certain playlists (.M3U/.M3U8).

I tried to make a new playlist with 5.62 and Winamp won't play the playlist file thru either the Album List Plugin or by manually right-clicking the playlist file. Even if I re-create the playlist (to ensure the files are correct), it still won't play. I tried saving the playlist file as .M3U or .M3U8, to no avail. However, right-clicking all audio files in Explorer and selecting 'Play' or 'Enqueue with Winamp' works just fine (same audio files contained in the playlist).

My OS is Windows 7 Ultimate, 32-bit. Attached are the faulty playlist files (renamed to .TXT, as .M3U and .M3U8 files are not allowed to be attached by the forums). Note that the playlist is put in the same directory as the audio files it contains (relative directories).
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