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Originally Posted by DrO View Post
just tried that via the main playlist editor and also via the ml playlists view following those steps and it's working correctly with all of the playlists that have been made.
The files will appear in Winamp's playlist editor, however, Winamp won't play them (as if it can't find the files). Winamp can play other playlists made previously, though (this is the first playlist I am creating with 5.62).

Originally Posted by DrO View Post
otherwise i've no idea why you're seeing such an issue unless one of the plug-ins you've got installed is messing around with things (though i think that's doubtful).
Attaching a screenshot of my 'General purpose' plugins, in case this helps anyone in troubleshooting (all other plugins in the non-General purpose sections are Winamp defaults):

(The attachment uploader states that "This is not a valid image file.", so I uploaded it to instead)

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