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no idea to be honest since as long as it's a valid filepath Winamp should be able to load it though i'm struggling to get Explorer or mp3Tag to allow me to create a file with a space at the start of it to try to replicate the issue (seems the OS does what it can to not allow it).

ah there we go in the ol' command window to get a filename with a space on the front. i think the playlist reader is by design stripping white-space from the path (would need to look at the code but that's how it appears).

[edit 2]
from a quick look, the m3u(8) and pls playlist loaders are setup to strip the white-space from the start of the playlist entries on loading either directly or just from how the OS api's used work (with the case of pls files).

so at least m3u(8) handling could be changed (not viable without causing a load of issues for pls handling) but i'm not keen on making that change for m3u(8) incase it breaks other things. and with the OS by general actions trying to prevent such filenames, it might be better to just ensure any files created don't have white-space at the front.

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