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no one cares (not to be able to do what you're wanting), it's always been quirky, it needs a lot (time and effort) to make it not-CIPU dependent aka likely to break even more than it already is and money is an affecting factor as no one who can codes typically wants to put in a load of effort for effectively zero reward.

it'd probably be simpler to just start from scratch than trying to move AVS over to what you're wanting and really if you want something that isn't CPU dependent, you're better off using Milkdrop as AVS will undoubtedly remain CPU-bound as that's just how it is (and officially, no one cares about AVS either, and really it should be removed from the Winamp installer and spin it off into a separate installer due to the issues it has on newer OSes, etc for those who do still want to use it (which isn't too many seeing as Milkdrop has been the default vis plug-in for years now).
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