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Tried a few APEs. These work:
  • All the bundled APEs (Texer I/II, MultiFilter, Fyrewurx, Convolution, Colormap, AddBorder)
  • Picture II
  • AVSGrabber (2.0 alpha) -- at least in "raw" mode. I couldn't get other codecs to work.
  • Flock Off (flock.ape)
  • Normalise

Sadly, these APEs don't work:
  • Editor Resize
  • AVSTrans (eeltrans.ape / v1.25)

One more quirk I noticed: if you switch presets by pressing Prev/Next buttons on the AVS window while you have edits, an unclickable "Are you sure" dialog will pop up and Winamp will softlock. However if you use File>Load or File>New in the AVS Editor window instead, you'll be fine.
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