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Update in_opus v0.666

This update is quite important as it enables Unicode filename support. if you use Winamp 5.3+ on Windows NT+. Normally you have nothing to do, as the default behaviour is to auto detect the proper conditions to enable UNICODE filenames support.

This means that you will no longer se the ugly short names with ~1 at the end, but you will instead see the real filename with all its Unicode glory such as Chinese Cyrillic etc.

This is also the "stable" release including Radio stream support. Most of the work was to remove dependency to OpenSSL which is a pain to build on windows especially on Win95. In addition OpenSSL is bloated and unnecessary for my case as I never encountered HTTPS radio streams.

I tested this release on Windows XP (Winamp2.95 & 5.666) and Windows 95 osr2 (Winamp 2.95). It should work on all later windows versions.

* NEW: Now you can enable support for UNICODE file names by adding the option UNICODE_FILE=1 in the [IN_OPUS] section of winamp.ini. You need Winamp 5.3 or greater AND windows NT/2000/XP/Vista/7/8/10. This option will not do anything under Windows 9x and plugin will fail to load if you are using a Winamp version smaller than 5.3 and enabled this option. Set UNICODE_FILE=2 (default) to enable auto detection. Note that this detection is based on the "WHATSNEW.TXT" file in the Winamp directory. if the plugin cannot find the specified file it will assume no Unicode filenames. Finally set it to 0 if your system cannot handle UNICODE.

* NEW: Value added to the USE_REPLAY_GAIN option. Set it to 3 (Auto mode) and it will automatically pick the Album gain except when winamp is in Shuffle mode where it will chose the Track gain. This is very sensible in my opinion as the purpose of replay gain is to avoid volume changes between tracks. In this case if you listen to a full album, the volume between tracks will respect the original Album purpose and if you are randomly listening to tracks the individual track gain will be applied.

* FIXED: Now the plugin does not rely on Windows Socket 2 but is instead compatible with Windows Socket 1 that is included in Win95 by default.

* FIXED: Now the seek-bar is disabled in Radio mode.

* FIXED: Small change to the Info dialog box in the case of Radio streams.

Feedback is always welcome as always.
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