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It seems that under Winamp 5 the equalizer (EQ) does not work when playing opus files with this plugin (whatever the version).

It is strange as it works fine works with Winamp 2 (I developed on this one).

It also works with the Constant-Q EQ that is generally considered to be superior in design and that is available in Winamp 5.51+. You can enable it as follows:

- Winamp > Ctrl+P
- General Preferences > Playback
- Equalizer tab > in the 'EQ Type' dropdown box you have the option between 'Winamp 4Front EQ' and 'Constant-Q EQ'
- Select 'Constant-Q EQ'
- close out of Prefs and restart Winamp

I hope to fix this bug in the future but I thought it would help in the meantime.

An other way is to use external DSP module to do the EQ.
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