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Update 0.892

This is mostly a bug-fix update. Most significantly I would say, is the fix of long durations. Due to integer overflow, in theory the longest file that can be played is 2^31 - 1 ms ie ~25 days. I came along a 27day recording, and decided to fix the bug. Not that I think many of you will need that, but it costs nothing to share right? The other addition is the support of 24b and 32b output, use the OUT_BITS option. So if you hardware supports 24 or 32b output, go for it. However keep in mind tht the EQ shall work only for 16b output on Winamp2.x and will work on 16 and 24b output on Winamp5.3+.

* UPDATE: Now using opusfile 0.12 (with modifications)

* NEW: Support for 8, 24 and 32 bits decoding resolution, the default is always 16b. Add the option OUT_BITS=value in the [IN_OPUS] section of your .ini file to use this option.

* FIXED: Now dithering is applied even when resampling is used. Note that It is not very useful as resampling error tends to make bigger artefacts than quantization error. In addition, noise-shaping will be used only for 16b:48kHz outpt mode, which is the default since the first version.

* FIXED: Now the user's session winamp.ini file will be read. This concerns Winamp 5.11+, and when the 'paths.ini' file is in winamp's directory.

* FIXED: Now WACUP users should have Unicode filename enabled by default.

* FIXED: Crash in some conditions. Now the plugin is compatible with XMPlay, this is not really useful because of XMPlay's native support for opus. However this can fix problems people experienced in some cases with Winamp.

* FIXED: Unnecessary bloat to the dll removed using gcc's -flto option.

* FIXED: The 24 days 20 h 31 min 24 s and 647 ms maximum duration bug. Actually, for any length greater than that, time will be displayed in hrs:min instead of min:sec format, this applies when jumping in the file with Ctrl+J option as well. Now the new limit for track time is thus 60x greater hence: 4 years 1 month 1 days 7 h 23 min 38 s and 820 ms.
Yep u can laugh.
Note1: the [h:min] flag will be added at the end of the playlist name.
Note2: Visualisation will look wrong in this context.

* FIXED: Possible memory leaks.

* FIXED: Problem in the resampling code that would lead to NULL output in some cases. This should cure random 'not working' when using resampling.

* FIXED: Now the error code will no longer be automatically displayed in the PL for the URL streams, because it does causes performances problems. The error details will still be displayed in the Info dialog on "Alt+3".
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