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Winamp Pro - won't play MP4

Hi - I've just installed Winamp Pro 5.601 on Windows Vista 32 bit. It won't play a MP4 file for me and I'd appreciate some suggestions why (and whether there's a log which might tell me something concrete about what's happening ?)

This is what I do to play the MP4. I open the file using File|Play File. The file appears as if it's ready to play but when I press the play button nothing happens.

The following may be relevant or it may not

During the installation process I received two error messages :

followed by


So like the second message said I installed DirectX and started the installation again.

This time I only got this error message


Well I wasn't too happy by the bare bones nature of the error message but as I'd only bought the thing to watch a MP4 file I let it go .... however I can't even watch the MP4 file !

All suggestions welcomed.
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