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Need listener passwords or some way to drop a certain user

Hello. I'm using Winamp/Shoutcast on Windows 10 to broadcast to a residential campus and I need to be able to identify and disconnect any particular listener. Sorry if that sounds strange but in this case there is a good reason.

Does Shoutcast support logins & passwords for particular users in order to listen? Or is there some way to drop a particular user? The reason for this is that if someone in a room somewhere is playing music too loud, we need to be able to disconnect so they can't disturb their neighbors.

I don't think I need "On Demand" listening, because I'm playing only one playlist and every file in it needs to be played at a specific time (as an example: bugle at 7 AM every day).

I was thinking it might be possible to use the old but standard url syntax:

Is this supported, or is there any other way to accomplish this?
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