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After posting that I started to think if it would be possible to add controls to windows task bar.
I ended up making this simple shortcut toolbar for it:

It uses a freeware software called Clamp. A command line control thingie for winamp.
No need to install anything, just one exe-file.
It can be found:

Those buttons are just shortcuts with custom icons to clamp.exe /command
For example: x:/clamp.exe /NEXT

If you want to test it I uploaded my version of it to:

To add it to windows taskbar:
1. Right click the taskbar
2. Toolbars - New Toolbar...
3. Choose folder with shortcuts (in this case folder called Buttons)
4. Right click the taskbar and untick Lock the Taskbar
5. Drag your toolbar as you see fit.
6. Right click your toolbar and untick Show Title and Show Text
7. Lock the Taskbar

Dunno if the shortcuts work for you as the drive/folders are different, but they are pretty easy to edit.
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