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Originally posted by Benski
If you manage to get a contact at JVC, let me know and I'll see what I can uncover. If they're willing to send me a head unit, I can work on working around their bug. You can e-mail me directly at [my forum nickname]@[media player you're using].com
I just checked the JVC America website and to my surprise the unit is not advertised as AAC compatible there. It's different on the JVC Germany page but I doubt they are going to send you a unit. Well, I guess I have to wait for a response from customer support for now...

I'm not really a pro in MP4 standards. Do you have any suggestions how I might do some testing by myself? Like I said, I already modified the FTYP-header information. Also, I deleted the two extra tracks (BIFS, OD) with mp4UI that winamp puts in the container and iTunes doesn't (what are these tracks for anyways?). Any other suggestions?
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