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OK, I searched the documentation and forums and can't find anything like what's happening here.
What it is is that I try to connect to a SHOUTcast server, and it downloads the playlist (server list) fine; but when I try to play it and listen to the station, nothing happens (not even the 'resolving host' dialog). This only happened since I upgraded to the latest version of WinAMP (v. 2.73; I was using v. 2.62, and it still works for SHOUTcast). I've tried several different stations, including 128k and 16k stations, and they all do this. WinAMP will play MIDI's and MP3's on my PC fine. The PC I'm using is a P180 pro CPU w/ 64 MB of RAM, a SB AWE 32 sound card, AOL connection (56K modem), running Win98.
I think that does it for the specs. If anyone would be so kind as to help me here, or direct me to a document that would answer this, I would be greatly obliged.
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