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You say this is in a car? There are a lot of electronics in the engine that can add noise to any audio system.

What happens with other audio players on the laptop? Or You Tube through the web browser?

Or even better - just go into control panel and play with the "Sounds" control panel in there. Test a few wavs on the sounds page. Select something and hit the test play button. The Windows Startup Sound is good and long to test with.

I find this page is good for testing audio without worrying about other things getting in the way. This is just playing "raw" via the driver. As basic as you can get.

If you still hear the odd sounds with other audio playing, then you need to find a Car Stereo forum for ways to stop the interference. You are hearing the electrical system of your car interfering with the laptop.

Interference can be especially bad if you have a long lead connecting the laptop to the line-in socket of your car stereo. This cable can act like an aerial and pick up all kinds of electronic noises.

I often connect my mp3 player to car stereos with a lead. And can often hear the windscreen wipers going "thud thud" in an odd electronic way. Or you can hear a background "whine" which increases with the car revs.

It would be hard for "them" to create a plugin for Winamp without it being spotted. Use something like "onefornunz" to list your plugins and then you can check for anything rogue. It would be very easy to double check the files you have are the originals using MD5 hashes with a "known good" set of files.

Edit: Sorry - just seen your last line which mentioned it is also in WMP. Then you are certainly listening to the car electronics making noise and interference. It would be the same if you plugged in an iPod or Phone. First, try getting a shorter cable to connect your laptop to the car stereo. Ultimately the best answers for you will be in a car stereo forum. This is 100% certain not to be "them". This is just electronic noise.
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