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@MaxxTechz-Erick: Comodo firewall - avoid it as not strong enough. I have seen it cause some nasty bugs on PCs as well. Just not good enough quality. Better to learn how to check the processes on the PC and recognise when you have something new appear.

If you are truly paranoid, then don't install an OS on the PC. Get an Unbuntu boot disk and work from that. This then leaves no trace on the computer when you turn it off.

Use encrypted flash drives to hold your data (U3 drives have this built in, or TrueCrypt makes any USB drive encrypted). These can be so small you can hide them in odd places. Or even swallow them (not advisable).

Learn about PROXY SERVERS or the TOR project. This will allow you to work online in a fully encrypted manner. (I just seen this - a bootable DVD or USB Flash drive with TOR built in

If you think you are being tracked by other vehicles - drive out into the countryside and park on a hill. Further away from the city the better as "other" cars will stand out. In the US or Australia? Drive into the desert roads\outback. Switzerland? Up a mountain, or into a tunnel. Any other vehicle stands out then. Especially if you stop unpredictably, pull a U-Turn, etc. Also far enough into that tunnel and no phone signals.

There will ALWAYS be other radio signals around. You need to learn the difference between radio waves in the air and "bugs" that are tracking you.

Be aware that it is more likely that a tracking bug is attached to a car and then tracked by satellite. Cheaper on man-power as well. Usually stashed behind bumpers, or under the car, tucked inside the engine bay from beneath. A good mechanic would locate it if you asked him to look. (Plenty of photos online of the current FBI tech)

Blacked out SUVs and other cars are unlikely. They just stand out too much. They only really exist in the movies. If I wanted to follow you, I'd use normal cars and change them around a lot. Have a small team of my mates with hire cars and motorbikes. Or just attach a tracking bug as above.

As they say - Knowledge is power. Learn about your tech and you will get less worried about it.

But... after all this... the OP really is only hearing the electrical interference from his engine. He is not picking up radio waves on his laptop.
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