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But be aware that if you do that, you will be using Microsoft's Built-In Sample Rate Converter which ships with Windows since Version 3.11....

And the quality is crappy. It just does a quick and dirty resampling without any "anti-aliasing" or "anti-imaging" filter. Under certain circumstances, the result can be a file with ringing noises in the background.

It's really the better way to use [Right-click on the playing song title] -> [Send to>] -> [Format Converter] and then select the desired output format.

This will use the output codec's resampling algorithm (if needed), which is almost always better than the Windows one.

And moreover, it only does any Sample Rate conversion if it is really necessary. For example, if you convert a 48 kHz WAV file to MP3, you will get an MP3 file with 48 kHz sample rate, which is absolutely perfect and no problem. You will not have any time-domain signal alteration due to resampling.

Just wanted you to know!
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