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Were the old Winamp skinners that great?

Hi !

I just got interested in Winamp old skins (those dating back to 2000) which can mostly be found on deviantart, & was amazed to find out that all those supposedly great skinners never bothered to skin the AVS, which I assume at the time was just starting, but which is now a must for each & every skin !

I found a very interesting article titled "an excerpt of h" where many great old days skinners such as Moreaux are regarded as heroes, but if you can manage to download a "zip" skin (good luck), you'll find out that those great artists simply skinned the main window, the equalizer and the play list.
If you want to use those skins today (yes, some by H2O, & the whole group are srange & beautiful,) but you can't embed in the skin a good visualization such as Morphire (yes, the famous Morphire is as docile as AVS!) or Milkdrops. The color of the 4 sides shocks intensely if you have a red or green skin !!

Even the more recent star Garet Jax boasted about beeing lazy & not finishing his skins ! Of course, most of his skins as a result of his laziness, are not viewable today due to that famous "AVS" which isn't skinned !!

Can we call careless & lazy people great artists?? And of course that famous site "1001 skins" is dead ! All those skins would be so great if they had the AVS skinned--AND if they were easily downloadable, such as those V5 ones.(but many V5 skins are still in the poor state they were at the origin!).
Are those artists too lazy again (I assume if they were at the time, they still are today!) to adapt their old "works of art" to today's requirements??
Iy is obvious that many people love deviantart BUT will not bother to download a "zip" skin.

I think they understand all that, but they aren't great artists at all, because great artists think ahead & keep in mind their public--who's going to see or use their art. Too lazy to skin the AVS, uh?? I wonder what your future is going to be !!

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