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easy move allows you to move the windows not just by clicking on the title bar to move them (subject to the inner contents and type of the window). if you move the windows too fast then it can make the docking code assume its not wanted and so spilt off the window. increasing the docking distance on the relevant skin preferences may help.

and modern and classic skins have the means to do 3-mode repeat (none, all, track) and is down to how the repeat and manual advance options are toggled (automatically or manually) which determines how easy it is to use. modern skins generally do it easily since it was built into the modern skin core, whereas for classic skins you have to do it manually (or use the plug-in hack i once provided). of note, v5.65 will show an appropriate message in the song-ticker when the options are now changed which makes it easier to see what mode is in effect (so as to mirror the modern skin functionality).
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