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A rip of Digitanium is reported here: [Component ID: 34823] (6th February 2002). It may or may not have been Petr Xakep's X11Amp, I cannot check. However, Digitanium itself had been removed even before the rip report: Digitanium3 and Ok, ok, I got proof. ¬_¬ (23rd December 2001).

In my previous post, I could not provide a link to Digitanium 3 because the link I wanted to share was partially starred out by the forum engine but now here is another link it allows me to share: Digitanium3.wsz (right-click to save).

Comparing the dates of the cbuttons.bmp's in Petr Xakep's X11Amp and Copycat's Digitanium 3 reveals that X11Amp cannot be a rip of Digitanium 3. It may be a rip of an earlier version of Digitanium, though, but not 3.

The only thing that made me think that X11Amp might be a rip is that its author is known to have ripped another skin. But it may as well be his only rip.
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