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Remote control

RC4WA ver. freeware

Features of RC4WA:
RC4WA completely allows to control the Nullsoft Winamp (tm) player with help of remote control your TV-tuner: Play, Stop, Pause, Seeking -/+, Volume -/+, choice of a track on its number, operate with Winamp visualization plug-in. There are full-screen windows for choice Playlist file (m3u) or Audio CD drive (including virtual), "Songs list" for choice liked song, "Time Display" displaying the complete information about current track and "Screen digits" for displaying a track number on desktop at its choice.
Besides you may listen to liked FM radio-stations choosing from the Winamp playlist. It is reached due to the special plug-in (if your tv-tuner supports FM).
For super-music-fans, listening to music very loudly, there is useful feature: watcher for entering phone calls. If will ring your phone then WinAmp will paused. If necessary there is an option for submission of sound alarm.
The computer remotely can be rebooted, suspended or completely to power off, switched your monitor to stand-by mode, started screen-saver and closed RC4WA.
The program is simple in settings, convenient in usage and also is absolutely free-of-charge!
Hardware: PCI TV-tuners AVerMedia TVCapture98 and TVPhone95/98 with/without VCR, AVerTV Studio (model 103, 107), Phoebe TV Master + FM
Software: MS DirectX ver.7 or higher
Supported OS: Win9x/NT/2000/XP
Size of ZIP file: 470 kB

[img]http://rc4wa.boom*****remote.gif[/img] Enjoy with comfort!

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