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No, that version (which seems to be the same version I had if the 'file version' tag is anything to go by) didn't do it either. And it started going wrong with the latest stable (version 1.0) after I upgraded. THEN I upgraded AW to (CVS) and it still didn't work.

Having said that, it actually kinda works every now and again with random intervals. And it's not specific songs (like I thought) as I play that song again and it doesn't work.

I upgraded Winamp on 8th April and that's when it stopped working. However since then it's logged three songs. Two were very close (25 mins apart) on 29th April, and one just a few minutes ago. These two instances (and three songs) were probably logged with the CVS version, rather than the old 1.0 version, although I'm starting to think that makes no difference.

I'm very confused. Obviously the event is firing every now and again, but literally DAYS apart, and I play many songs a day.

It's got me very stumped. I wonder if I can downgrade Winamp without it doing any damage...

Edit: also just in case you were wondering (and I may have mentioned it in my first post but I don't remember) the script IS showing up in the "currently running scripts" section if run as a startup script. So the script IS being executed, just not very often.
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