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Media Libray: Very Important Questions, please help!

Hi all,
I have some very important questions about the Media Library:

I have lots's of mp3 files but they are all in one folder so i decided to put them into subfolder (like: interpret/album) the problem is nealy all of my files are rated in the Media Libray, so my questions are:

1.) If i move a mp3-file, the ML will remove this file (from its index) and had to rescan this file, right ?

2.) If so, what happend with the rating information did i have to rate these file again ?

3.) If so, is there a way to keep these ML information or must i rate every file again wich i move ?

If you, cannot answer all questions or just know that i realy have to rate every one of my 1203 again if i move them,
please give an answer although.
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