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1. as above

2. It's all stored in the main database files.
Database, ratings & playcounts = winamp\plugins\ml\main.dat
History = winamp\plugins\ml\recent.dat
You also need to save the respective .idx files too (main.idx & recent.idx)
Or preferably just backup the entire "winamp\plugins\ml" folder.

3. Before you move them, you could use shaneh's ml_id3rate plugin to export and later reimport the ratings to/from the id3 tags.

Another method would be to use ml search query, eg.
?rating = 5
then select all results
right click > edit selected items
add: rating 5 in the Comment field -> Update
Repeat for:
?rating = 4
Then once files have been moved and reimported,
use search query:
?comment = "rating 5"
(or: ?comment has "rating 5")
select all -> rate items -> 5
and so on.

You could even add: *****
to the comment tag
and use query:

Another option is to use the ML Import/Export plugin
(exports ml database to iTunes compatible xml, which you can reimport at a later date... as long as all the music files have the exact same names and are in the exact same place as before... though if they aren't, you can always edit the paths in the xml with a text editor before reimporting it).
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