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Argghhh, no, don't get Sonique, whatever you do!

Try this:
Close Winamp
Goto C:\Program Files\Winamp\Plugins
(or the equiv if you installed to another dir)
Remove the file : gen_nomad.dll

Basically, gen_nomad.dll is a General Purpose plugin which is placed in the Winamp\Plugins dir by the SBLive/Audigy PlayCenter installation.
This is a known issue, and I can't believe that Creative Labs are still getting away with it!

btw, there are no General Purpose plugins included in the default Winamp setup.
If there are any other files named gen_*.dll, temporarily disable them by renaming them with the .off extension, eg.
[important update, see below]*

Hope this helps.

If you can't see any DLL files in the Winamp\Plugins dir,
goto: Windows Folder Options -> View tab
Uncheck "Hide extensions for known filetypes"
Checkmark: Show hidden files/Show all files (NOT: Do not show hidden files)
DLL's are classed as hidden/system files under Window's default setup.
All of Winamp's plugins (default or extra) are DLL files.
It is recommended that inexperienced users change these settings back afterwards.

pps. You can also also delete CtnPluginRes.crl which is associated/installed with gen_nomad.dll

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[Update: Dec 2003]

Note that in Winamp 5.0 there are now some gen_*.dll files included in the default setup. The following are Nullsoft 1st-party plugins and certified as safe:

gen_ml.dll (Winamp Media Library)
gen_ff.dll (Modern/Freeform Skin Support)
gen_hotkeys.dll (Global Hotkeys)
gen_tray.dll (System Tray Controls)
gen_jumpex.dll (Jump To File Extra)

Also note that in Winamp 2.9x and 5.x
you can now delete gen plugins via the Winamp interface
(Prefs -> Plugins -> General Purpose -> plugin -> uninstall)
Though I'm not 100% sure if gen_nomad.dll even shows up in this menu...
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