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An entirely new issue with CreativeLabs/SBLive has just been unearthed here:
Shock, horror . . . It's been revealed that now they've decided to also install a replacement MP3 Codec on your system which overrides the default Fraunhofer codec. Typically, this codec (CTMP3.ACM) doesn't work with Shoutcast and produces the dreaded ACM Stream Error message instead

The plot thickens!

btw, I've received a reply from a CreativeLabs technician regarding the gen_nomad.dll issue (4 seperate e-mails so far), and I'll be posting the final results here within the next few days. I'll probably include the entire session, word for word, no edits!

No folks, you've not mistakedly entered the Random Rumor Mill forum . . . believe it or not, you're still in Bug Reports, and this kinda shit is really going down!
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