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i tryed it with a one second buffer but the result is the same.
i have had it working with the trancecoder as the source which was great cause no i only had a 5 second buffer in shoutcast 2 where shoutcast one would cause a 90 second buffer for a 32kbit stream.

the thing is, its accepting the stream from sam just fine and it is sending data to sc_serv. Switching the encoder to mp3 (not changing any thing to the shoutcast server) the server works and clients can connect just fine.

could this have to do with the yp2 protocol? sc_trans needed to be set to yp2 for it to work properly.

i might try and see if i can get sc_trans to stream to the second instance of sc_serv this may not be a pritty solution but if it works then sam can get the stats and stream mp3 once then the transcoder wil take care of the aacp stream which schould work if sc_trans is the source

SamBroadcaster => sc_serv (instance 1) => sc_trans => sc_serv (instance 2) => aacp client
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