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Hi, I went to upgrade all our customers from 1.9.7 to this 2.0 but found a few bugs that stopped me.

#1 - the biggest problem happens when you get it all running and visit http://IP:Port , there is NO STATUS PAGE here. Why not? Where did the status page go? instead on IE it attempts to load sound (garbage) into the browser, and in FireFox it detects some "octet" stream instead of opening a page even.

I can't go further until the status page for 2.0 works

The next problem was the "Current Song" not displaying, but who cares about this problem when the Status page doesnt exist.

What happened to the http:// IP : Port page? how can I get that back for DNAS 2.0?

note: admin.cgi area works fine, tuning in works fine and status scripts work (less a song title)
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