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Originally Posted by nradisch View Post

The removal of the default status page was done intentionally (by me). In the old DNAS, the base URL was overloaded. It gave you either the stream or the status page depending on the browser identifier string provided by the client entity. While this is certainly convenient for the user, it becomes a maintenance headache. Every time a new client side entity pops into existence a code change becomes required. There was, literally, a segment of code that look something like

if (browser == "Internet Explorer") showStatus
else if (browser == "opera") showStatus
else if (browser == "gecko") showStatus
else if (browser == "firefox" && version < 34) etc. etc. etc.

there was a good page full of this crap to deal with all the oddball things that came up during the years. The simplest and cleanest solution was to stop overloading the baseURL. If you want the status page you just provide the /index.html extension.

There are other behaviors that appear to be bugs, but aren't. They are just side effects of the yp2 system. For instance, some people have complained about clients being denied when using yp2. This occurs because you cannot connect a client to the DNAS until the DNAS itself successfully connects to yp2 (or the DNAS is running privately). One of the goals of YP2 was to solve the problem of station name collisions (and station name hijacking) and cleanup the mess of genre names. To resolve this, all stations must now be manually registered and this information entered on the station web pages. The DNAS must get this information from the YP2 database before it can allow any clients to connect because this information is required at client connect time by the shoutcast protocol. Hence, until the DNAS can connect to the YP2 database, no client connects are allowed.

Most of the other bugs I've seen come up in the forums seem extremely trivial (from a programming perspective. I don't doubt that it could cause extreme user inconvenience), requiring just a few minutes each to fix. AOL should just give me legal access to the code or open source it. Even if I just fixed one bug a month in my spare time, it would be a higher level of support than they are now providing.

I suppose I can deal with the status page not there, but what about the Song TITLE? its just not there at all.
How to have the song titles appear before registering?
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