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Originally posted by DJEgg
I've just submitted a formal complaint at the feedback site & have demanded an explanation of some sort. Whether they'll respond remains to be seen. I'll let you all know how it goes.
In the meantime, if anyone else would like to do likewise, the url is:

Basically, this is getting way out of hand & has to stop!
There has now been just too many known cases reported, on these forums alone.
Imagine how many people (who haven't bothered to check the forums) might've trashed Winamp by now, by thinking it's a Winamp bug & not a 3rd party plugin to blame . . . especially when it's a plugin that the average person won't even know has been installed.
Totally outrageous, totally evil!
Yes, Creative certainly have some explaining to do!
Have Winamp check for the presence of rogue plugins and neutralize them.
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