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i am still getting the BSOD, just not as often. here is what creative said:

Response from Creative: 6/13/2002 12:40:53 PM


First of all, most of the configurations you have and applications we do not support. For example:

1) We do not support systems with multi-processors.

2) The applications that are reporting the error are third-party, which means that we do not manufacture them, which also results in the fact that we do not have any in-depth information regarding the software and it's compatibilities/incompatibilities.

3) We do not support multi-tasking while performing a task such as writing CD's. This causes many problems, for the system should not be in use while writing a CD.

These are just a few of the situations that are probably causing this problem. Also, we are not aware of Winamp having a problem associated with any of our files. If this was the case, we would hear about this problem in great quantities. Since the Winamp application is crashing, maybe you should try repairing the Winamp situation with the help of the Winamp manufacturers, as with EZ CD Creator also. Their manufacturer is Roxio.

Creative Labs Technical Support
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