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Originally Posted by pbelkner View Post
In gapless playback the device is not released between tracks. This is the essence of gapless playback.

[...]Anyway, in gapless mode you have to bypass ordinary close requests. Moreover, you have to bypass the series of isplaying requests as well, because you want to avoid playing internal buffers until they are empty. Instead you want to immediately append to them without a gap.

That's the reason why in your case the connection to the device remains open awaiting the next open request. You can work around it by starting a track and closing it immediately.
Yes, exactly. But my point was that on the last track of a playlist, Winamp actually stops then. But the close request has not been. So I can not use the device until I either close and kill winamp - or start a new track and stop it.

Originally Posted by pbelkner View Post
But, of course, when closing Winamp the connection should be released. This should be fixed with the new release (cf. above).
Great, thank you for the new release !
It actually fix half of the problem though: I can now close winamp properly, but I still get a bug when a playlist end. Please try to play this file in a single-track playlist.

You'll see/hear that you end up with a loop being played. I guess a stop request may be missing when the playlist stops by itself...

But I can now end the mess more properly just by closing winamp.

Originally Posted by pbelkner View Post
Please elaborate in more detail or send in a trace.

Unfortunately I'm not able to reproduce it. How do you pause? With the mouse I'm hitting the respective button:

Is there another way? What do you mean by "moving the cursor"?
I meant, first pause the track with the || button. Then, move the position cursor to another time in the song (for example to move from -1:20 to reach -1:50).

Originally Posted by pbelkner View Post
Ah, do you mean that you actually confirmed and reproduced the bug ?!

Thanks again !
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