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Originally Posted by Philippe View Post
Hum... I'm not that sure you understand the issue...
For me this is either a bug, or a design error...
You may consider that you don't understand things correctly ...

But I like your approach to test things thoroughly.
Originally Posted by Aminifu View Post
I understand YASAPI is working as designed. After-all, if it released the sound device (before Winamp shutdown or another output plug-in is selected) and another app took control of it, then YASAPI couldn't get it back until the other app released it.
You, of course, understand that the issue is not due to a bug or a bad design in/of the output plugin but it is rather inherently due to Winamp. What Philippe don't understand is that we have to invest a lot of ideas and work into what appears him as "natural". It isn't. Winamp is outdated software. Winamp is not able to release any new software. All developers have left this sinking ship.

Originally Posted by Aminifu View Post
Maiko provided an option that would allow it to release the sound device after it determined it wasn't using the device for a few seconds (2 or 3, if I remember correctly).
I already thought about setting a timer and come back after, say, 0.5 sec in order to check whether we're in underflow or whether we're really playing. But you have to have in mind that all such ideas are workarounds. A clean solution would be just by Winamp. Only Winamp knows whether playback has transferred to another plugin or playback has ended at all.
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