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"What did you acquire that you wish you would have had a lot earlier?"

For me an easy one My home theater system (not finished yet)
I went through a nightmare through Future shop (Canada) buying a reciever under the old warrente program so that warr. paid off as $350 put out got me an $800. buck reciever as the line changes every year so if they can't fix the old one with-in 30 days you got the same servises but a new differant unit so I ended up with a 7.1 Pioneer reciever from a 51 JVC I started out with.( I went through 5 units to get to the Pioneer)They released they were loosing their shirts over second rate units (like JVC & kenwood are) so the rules of the warrt. has since changed.
I bought the fronts & center form a local shop these PSB alfas & to look at them you'ld laugh at the size of the speaker with in as the units are small....UNTILL you feed it then the laughing stops dead in its tracks.These tiny speakers are sheilded huge magnets that deliver 150 watts RMS & i got a chance to hear an actuall comparison to buddys dowb stairs .He has a Yamaha Reciever same 7.1 but his speakers are tower Proline & JBL units that cost 1200 ea vs my PSBs that cost in their day 150ea so there is NO audio notice of a differance for raw power & they are equall in sound quality ! so the money was better spend on the smaller units than wasting it on a bling blong system !
MY alfas are the entry level ones & after 8 years still go like brand new.they are a ported design that pushes the air out in volumes at near peak of the reciver.Its 100 watts per side so I can Never blow the speakers..Kinda like trying to drive your car at 100% all the time it won't last long so be at least 1/3rd a higher rating on your speakers then you never have a worry. I found out if the place you go to buy speakers.get them to close the doors on the big room & go from set to set getting him to ramp up volume & 3/4s of Future shop/best buy lines the bottoms fall right out 1/3rd to 1/2 throttle up on their units I'd put these PSBs up against their rooms anytime & those tiny PSB speakers would shamefully embarass 3/4s of what they sell & yes i know thats a BOLD statement but go out & hear it for your self ! then your ears will not be disapointed & you will agree !
PSB is made inToronto by a sound engineer!
I got Bose 201s in the rear as they performed like big brother 501 but at the time $300 cheaper ea & I didn't notice any audio differances between the 201s & 501s only price .
So you can get the best bang for the buck without breaking the bank !

Best money i ever spent
Walmart may stock great looking china winter jackets but you don't go buy a home theater in a box from them- OK
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