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Originally posted by rockouthippie
The Russians did it. Sorry. You don't get a monopoly. Whose ancestors got a raw deal.... just about everybody, or they'd still be in Europe. In the early 1900s, we pollacks were working right next to you in the industrial sweatshops.

Get over yourself.
Actually I didn't claim a monopoly on my quoted statement. I actually remember saying that the Hebrews had thing worse that all races. Also, you are very right, the Polish did work next to the black man in the early 1900s, The Irish did also. Regardless, the Anglo man in America during the 20th century has had more advantages towards better jobs, education, & higher pay wage that his black co-worker. But, in favor of your argument, the 20th & 21st century Black man is a very difficult individual (statistically) to motivate into the work force now.
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