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I am 46 years now. And I know the difference between the 70ies / 80ies and today...
I am living in Berlin (Germany) since my birth. In my childhood there was a lot of snow in the winter, nowadays only very rare snow. Sleigh or build snowmen, these things have become very difficult. If we have snow, I see families with sledge, of course. Today, the ice on the lakes is very thin, so it is too dangerous to walk over the lakes. But in the 70ies / 80ies we were able to do that...
I have to think of the icebears and penguins in the polar landscapes. Where should they go, if the ice is melting forever? The global warming will become a very big problem for the "fauna & flora"...
When I became an adult, in my fantasy I was flying over the "Land Of Eternal Ice". I had drawn and painted many pictures with polar landscapes. 2009 I began to create Terragen Artwork, which I have used also for my YouTube-Uploads:
I don't want to lose the "Land Of Eternal Ice" on "Planet Earth", because it is so unique. But can we avoid this loss? I don't know that...
Greetings from Sabine Klare Aka Sternenmaschinebine
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