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Africa desperately needs power production facilities. And the G8 countries have decided that because Africa might create some greenhouse gas, that they can have 2 nuclear plants, mainly for the South Africans who have about half the power they could really use. The rest of Africa gets three solar powered yard lights. If you look carefully at this satellite picture, you'll see the 3 yard lights.

In that pitch black, live 1 billion people.

The G8 or members could easily build Africa some cheap coal plants but they won't. It's gotta be green. And Africa can't afford green. So it's dark. A billion people. 400,000 with access to electricity.

We might have some West Coast cities below Sea Level in 2180. But cities in Oregon and Washington probably aren't gonna last that long. The Japanese earthquake is prophetic and we're almost completely unprotected. We didn't know we were in an earthquake skull and crossbones, so we aren't built for it.

So.. since town isn't gonna be here anyway...... I think we should help the Africans.

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