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Originally Posted by frostfire101 View Post
i would have to say that is not correct. because i also have a laptop and when i double-click a playlist, winamp opens with the playlist that i doubleclicked and starts playing, but when i'm on my desktop pc, winamp opens, but with the playlist that was last used, not the one i doubleclicked
It is not that what I said is not correct. It is more that my post is incomplete. I should have asked about your configuration before offering advice. Winamp does save the active playlist when it is shutdown and will open with that playlist if you just restart it. My third statement will also work (ensuring that only the files in the double-clicked playlist are played) depending on what is in your Windows registry.

If your registry contains the command to play the playlist file with Winamp (the command must include the extension of the file), then the command will be followed when the file is double-clicked.

Up until Windows 8, the Winamp installation code was allowed to write these commands (and more) directly into the registry. Since Windows 8, the installation code is blocked from directly writing these commands if you install in the default folder. Beginning with Windows 8, the OS provides other means for associating Winamp actions with file extensions.

If your registry contains other Winamp related commands possibly added by the Jump To File Extra plug-in (when Windows 7 or before was your active OS), then other actions could occur. The double-clicked playlist could be added to the existing playlist and playback not started (enqueue command), it could be added to the existing playlist and playback started (enqueue and play command), or it could replace the existing playlist and start playback (play command).

The JTFE plug-in can be configured to add conditions to these 3 basic actions. Such as adding the new playlist before or after the existing playlist, starting playback with the added files or continuing with the previous files first, etc.

I could explain further, but the bottom line is it all depends on what is in you registry. If your desktop is using Windows 8 or higher, you can use google search to get info on the tools provided by your OS to associate Winamp with the file extensions you want.

If you want the Winamp installer (or Winamp's Preferences) to set up the registry (for OSes greater than 7), then you need to install Winamp in the root of the C: drive instead of the C:/Program Files (x86) folder. In some cases, you may need to run the installer or set up the preferences as an administrator, before running Winamp as an ordinary user..

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