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ie 6
medium or lower security "MUST" =true
"all i wanna know is who s fuktin who"
NEW MEDIA LIST helping veiwers find me to the tune of 20%
my version 5.13 stats funny aint it what is the point of"PUBLIC"...ERR NONE
must be my
just a thought.........a realy, realy funny 1
"nuh auh" must be by design.. why i would have to search my station when there are 50 stations with less viewers
looks like a culled list......huh?
strange<<<...disheartining<<< word bulk?<<<
bulk ,you can tell us ...cant ya ?
what did realy happen ? the advent of shout cast pay tv?..
might be nice to know for the broadcasters who are providing free content.
not refering to free porn.......
"private" seRvers make 4 NO MEDIA LIST... heh
enjoy>>>> search>>>>> rockntv1
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