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True Toolbar Object

I really like using my Winamp as a bar across the top of my screen-it's really pure genius! But, it covers up the top row of icons on my desktop, and I have to fight back and forth with my other programs and Winamp. It would be nice if you could make Winamp run in a "true" toolbar mode, like the bar that MS Office makes (only less sucky). That way, Windows is aware of it's location, shifts icons, title bars, avoid conflicts. You could also make it "auto-hide," so it would appear when your cursor hit the top of the screen, and remain invisible when it wasn't needed (this would have to be an option, as some people really don't like that). I don't know how difficult this would be (considering the nature of Winamp's interface), but it would be a completely new way of utilizing Winamp, and I love it. Or maybe I'm just a noob. Just thinking out loud, I suppose.


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